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    Welcome to Fata Morgana! FMRP is a modern fantasy, supernatural creatures RPG set in the small resort town of Snow Haven, Alaska. We have loosely structured lore and a loose main plot where the focus is on your characters and plots. Character development is the name of the game! A great place for players who want to write, not worry about keeping up!
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    The springtime Thaw has come to Snow Haven once again, bringing warmth and good weather.
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Fata Morgana latest news: Site Update - Two Months Open!
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by Snow Haven

All of the important documentation to understanding the Fata Morgana RPG - please look through everything before you decide to register!
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All the important Announcements and Updates can be found here, along with any important discussion topics.
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Suggestions & Feedback
by Aurora

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? Post here to have the issue addressed by a member of staff as soon as possible!


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Here is where all players go to create their characters. Please make sure to post in the correct forum!
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All accepted applications for characters in active play can be found here!
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Thread Moderation
by Aurora

The home for all your claiming needs! If this is your first time with us, please make sure to fill out your Player Limits form.
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Viina's Vortex
by Viina

58 TOPICS // 315 POSTS
The home for all your plotting needs! Post plotters, trackers, and wanteds, and find players for sub-plots in this area!

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The summer festival has arrived! The birds are singing. Flowers are blooming, and the people are lining up for Snow Haven's sled dog best in show. Come and venture down Crafter's Alley, partake in the local wares, and visit the fairgrounds for carnival fun - now with a small roller coaster! Come with friends and family. Or come alone! Festival closes with fireworks from 11:15pm-11:59pm July 4th. Enjoy the celebration, Snow Haven!

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The figurative Town Center of Snow Haven, Main Street runs the length of town from east to west. Everything in Snow Haven branches off of Main Street, and nearly all the shops, restaurants, and public buildings can be found on it or on one of the side streets that connect back to it.
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Super Volcano Flow
by Lucas Daley

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Most of Snow Haven's night life and public entertainment is all compacted into one entertainment district, kept within town but on the outskirts and the opposite side of the residential area to keep the noise down. For being so isolated, Snow Haven has a roaring party scene!
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Bat out of Hell
by Ameria Bezaire

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Snow Haven's neighborhoods span the map: from houses in suburb-like rows, to fancy wood cabins scattered throughout town, to isolated residences miles from civilization... Don't enter someone else's house unless you have permission!
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only human
by Ari Samaras

The Hot Springs are geothermal waters buried deep underground that extend the length and width of the valley Snow Haven sits in. There are natural geysers that exist and are used by public business and private residences, but there are hidden or unused hot springs scattered about too.
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Missing Persons
by Lucas Daley

The mountains, the tundra, the woods, the river... the wilderness that surrounds Snow Haven on all sides. The nearest settlement to Snow Haven is over an hour away from town... so be careful not to get lost in the vast emptiness of the wilderness.

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The rest of the world outside the small resort town of Snow Haven. Anywhere that does not take place in Snow Haven or the wilderness surrounding would go here!

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by Velik

The out of character place to relax and chill. Come on over to talk to the fellow players and writers! Be friendly, complain about muse and other things. This is a strictly no character zone!
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Music Dedications
by Kit

In AND out of character! Have something fun? Feel free to post it up and share with us!
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Have something you want to share with the board? Want to show off coding or graphics skills, or have a request another player might be able to help with? This is the place to post it!

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With the Stars
by WtS Admin

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